Owls & Lions share wisdom with “Take the High Road” (Video)

Owls & Lions have some lessons to share, and they are using their gifts for song-crafting to do it.

“Take the High Road” comes off the New Jersey trio’s debut EP, There’s a Light, which was produced at Daxxit Sound Studios. With Jay Della Valle’s vocals rubbing against smoother, more minimal melodies at first, the song slowly expands into something grand. Strings and a chorus build up to give the song lift. This is Americana-steeped rock with a message: in a world built on increasing conflict, how can we find our way to the good? 

The accompanying video also begins in simplicity and shifts. Illustrator/animator Nathan Morrow lets line-work figures wander through a forest together, hopping over logs as night falls. But as they travel, the world around them becomes more complicated until at last they are faced with a final obstacle: a literal high road to the sky. 

Jay Della Valle, Nicole DeLoi, and Kevin Walters are generous with their advice, and even more generous in their compositional skills. Or as Della Valle sings, “How’s that for free education?”

There’s a Light is out now. To hear more from Owls & Lions, you can find them on their website, SoundCloud, and Facebook page. You can also follow the band on Twitter.


Kooly Bros release ultra fun and super crisp video for “Drunk Mess” ft. Young Thug

Young Thug has been championing Kooly Bros for some time, and now he’s putting his own massive reputation and grammy-winning vocals where his mouth is and bolstering the fun that is the single “Drunk Mess”. 

For all the chaos of the lyrical content, “Drunk Mess” is excellently executed and produced. The pop-rap song is melodic with a minimalistic hook and driving vocal force. The rhythm is contagious. Everything except the meaning is polished and crisp, providing a juxtaposition to what is unfolding on the screen.

The music video expands on the fun. Kooly Bros G Fresh and Sanders swing around Atlanta as if it were their own. They evoke the name of the song, making a mess of a convenience store with dancers backing them up. When the song pauses and Young Thug himself is called up, we realize that there is still one sober voice in the room. That is, until the party really begins. 

“Drunk Mess” is an exciting taste of what is to come from the rise of Kooly Bros and another classic Young Thug performance to add to your list of faves. To hear more from Kooly Bros, you can find them on their SoundCloud and Twitter page. You can also find Young Thug on his SoundCloud and Twitter.