Papi Shiitake Matches Heartbreak with Resilience in Video for “Do What You Say”

Although Papi Shiitake covers some heartbroken territory with “Do What You Say”, the video for the song carries themes of revival and perseverance. 

Papi Shiitake is a Brooklyn-based producer and musician, but he also excels in directorial vision. As a director and artist, he gives his collaborators creative freedom. The result of his collaboration with dancer and choreographer Jadée Nikita is her stunning return to performance since the beginning of the pandemic. “Do What You Say” shows her moving to the song among images of the natural world. The cuts, blends, and split screen effects are introduced with grace.

The song itself is as smooth as Nikita’s moves. It flows across a room, so lush that you would be forgiven to miss the melancholic content of the lyrics for a moment. The vocals are close, carrying the melody along the jangly wash. The catchiness is in the revolving patterns of sound. In visual and audio spaces, Papi Shiitake gleams. 

“Do What You Say” comes from Papi Shiitake’s upcoming album Wabi-Sabi via Trash Casual. To hear more from Papi Shiitake, you can find him on his Instagram, BandCamp, and Facebook page. You can also follow him on Twitter for more music and news.