Makes My Blood Dance Offer Live Show Energy with Their Clip for Communion (Radio Edit)

Before Covid-19, Makes My Blood Dance were aptly making everyone’s plasma groove with their high-energy live shows and propulsive volume. “Communion” has been the band’s closer since its conception. And rightfully so: this is an anthem full of interactive shouts housed in an epic journey. 

For this reason, the clip for the radio edit feels like time travel. Being packed in a bar while the music hovers around you, calling out the “I!” and “Why!” refrain along with the band — these are the dreams of the past and future. In an act of generosity, Makes My Blood Dance have gifted the world with that experience, even if it’s coming through the computer screen.

But this band doesn’t play anything too straightforward; innovation is in the bones of the disco-metal quartet. The live shots in the clip are pressed against imagery that is sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet, and always perfectly synced. Directors Evan Russell Saffer and John Christian Polimeni make sure to keep the audience on their toes, hopefully thrashing along.

The song itself is a smorgasbord of big ideas: how do we separate our fears, anxieties, and pain from our actions — or even our reality? It’s a commonality we share as humans. Makes my Blood Dance make it clear that they have no interest in erasing these feelings, but rather have a desire to channel and hold them. In the background, a dog barks, a cymbal reverberates, and the lyrics strike home.

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