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clear eyes – “everything i’m missing” Ft. Marian Hill

Producer Jeremy Lloyd hits us with “everything i’m missing” featuring Marian Hill from his passion project, Clear Eyes. Still in recovery from a traumatic injury to both his wrists that rendered him unable to make music for 4 months, Jeremy is positively overflowing with creativity and has executive produced 3 albums that will all release… More

Shawna Virago Blends Country with Punk with Adept Songwriting on “High Road No. 6”

Shawna Virago writes anti-folk anthems with a country flair. This is exemplified on “High Road No. 6”.  The San Francisco singer/songwriter has long been making a name for herself. She was one of the first openly transgender women to perform and tour nationally, and her accomplishments as a published writer have given her a storytelling… More

Makes My Blood Dance Offer Live Show Energy with Their Clip for Communion (Radio Edit)

Before Covid-19, Makes My Blood Dance were aptly making everyone’s plasma groove with their high-energy live shows and propulsive volume. “Communion” has been the band’s closer since its conception. And rightfully so: this is an anthem full of interactive shouts housed in an epic journey.  For this reason, the clip for the radio edit feels… More

Papi Shiitake Matches Heartbreak with Resilience in Video for “Do What You Say”

Although Papi Shiitake covers some heartbroken territory with “Do What You Say”, the video for the song carries themes of revival and perseverance.  Papi Shiitake is a Brooklyn-based producer and musician, but he also excels in directorial vision. As a director and artist, he gives his collaborators creative freedom. The result of his collaboration with… More


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